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Since The Shop's opening in 2011 we have given £16,200 of our profits to the local community. By using The Shop your money benefits our village.


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The Shop North Marston was opened for business, by the Rt Hon John Bercow, in May 2011. It originated as a result of an identified desire of local people to have a shop in the village once again, after many years without such a facility. A committee of villagers worked for three years to bring the project to fruition. This involved securing over £100,000 of funding, gaining company status and delivering a fantasic chalet style building, in the corner of the Village Hall carpark, to house the new shop.

To bring such an ambitious project to fruition felt a great achievement in its own right. However, this was really just the start. With the help of a team of dedicated volunteers and a wonderful shop manager, working alongside a management committee, The Shop has surpassed expectations and is a wonderful addition to our community.


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The Shop North Marston is provided by villagers, for the community, with surpluses fed back into the community. Since 2011 we have, so far, put £16,100 back into the community, benefiting a number of projects, local facilities and groups. The Shop aims to reduce the distance that local people need to travel in their cars to purchase everyday shopping, as well as offering items that cannot be found in supermarket chains. The Shop seeks to source and showcase local produce alongside everyday items.

Additionally The Shop provides useful services such as cashback and phone top ups. We offer our volunteers the opportunity to gain time credits via the Sp!cepoints scheme, which can then be used to pay for a whole range of activities across the country. We also support a large number of young people doing their DoE, by training them to work in The Shop and supporting their progress. 

Perhaps most importantly, The Shop provides a social hub for young and old to meet, to volunteer, to learn, to laugh and, of course, to shop!


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Products available in The Shop include:-

Local meats and pies
Weekly fresh fish delivery

Local bread - rolls and loaves

Locally made cakes and biscuits

Local honey, chutneys and preserves

Local beers
Local Artisan chocolate

Local Wine

Speciality cheeses
Locally produced yoghurts

Frozen food

Locally made frozen meals & deserts

Local ice cream
Local handmade natural toiletries

Household products


Gifts and cards

Seasonal goods


Pet Food
Bicycle Inner tubes

And lots more!

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