Volunteers  Needed!

The Shop is now in its eighth year of business. It continues to thrive and provide our community with a wonderful service and social hub, whilst paying surplus profits back into our local community via the funding of various improvements.


The Shop has always had one paid manager, Eddie, who is supported by our team of volunteers. We urgently need more of these volunteers. Whether able to cover occasional shifts, take on a number of regular hours or, as some do, commit to just one hour per week, we would love to welcome you (or welcome you back!) as part of the team. Full training is provided and you will always have another volunteer or Eddie with you. It is a great way to meet people, have fun and put something back into our community.

Please pick up an application form when you are next in The Shop.


What has The Shop put back into the Local Community?

Lights of Friendship Christmas Tree                                   100

North Marston Parish Council                                              200
North Marston School                                                            60
Customer Raffle Prizes                                                         20

North Marston Village Hall - Raffle Prizes                            100
                                          -  Roof repairs                           1000
                                          - Supplies                                      58
St Mary's Church Fete                                                            22
North Marston Amateur Dramatics Society                            24
St Mary's Church Harvest Loaf x5 years                                75
North Marston Summer Fete Raffle Prizes                          100
Others                                                                                     33
North Marston Village Hall Car Park 2011                        11,900
North Marston Village Hall hedge plant 2013                        364
Sale of plastic bags 2015 (given to Village Hall)                     23
Repairs and upgrade to path from Quainton Rd to
Village Hall to make it all weather                                        2130


TOTAL      (so far!)                                            £16,209

When you spend money in The Shop you help to fund village projects. Keep it local!